Norwegian funds

Through the EEA and Norway Grants, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway contribute to reducing economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area (EEA) and strengthening cooperation with the 15 European countries. The countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe are the beneficiaries of the financial support. The strong emphasis on sharing and exchange of experience between donors and grantees is an important aspect that distinguishes these funds from EU funds.

The Czech Republic has been a beneficiary of these funds since 2004, when it joined the European Union and thus the European Economic Area, which is an agreement between the EU and the countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Since 2004, the EEA and Norway Grants have supported over 1 000 interesting projects in the Czech Republic worth more than CZK 6 billion. Currently, the Czech Republic is the fifth largest beneficiary, after Poland, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.




For the health of the soul

Project number: ZD-ZDOVA1-021
Total support: CZK 14 174 876
Implementation period: 3/2021-2/2024

According to surveys, one of five Czechs suffers from some form of mental illness and up to half of the patients develop symptoms before the age of 14. The National Action Plan for Mental Health, therefore, defines the need for early prevention in schools. Prevention in the Czech Republic focuses mainly on behavioural manifestations such as bullying, truancy, drugs, etc., but universally targeted mental health prevention is not systematically available. The solution is the creation of so-called multidisciplinary teams consisting of child psychiatrists, psychologists, special education pedagogues, social workers, and nurses.

The project aims to improve the situation of children and adolescents at risk of developing, escalating, or chronification of mental health problems. Through the MD team and in cooperation with schools and other professionals, we aim to create a supportive network of services in the Pardubice and Olomouc regions. There, we will test the MDT format on at least 200 cases dealt with in schools, establishing long-term cooperation.

Based on the experience of the foreign partner of the project, the care provided by the MDT will be qualitatively different from the care that is available within the current service system in the Czech Republic. The MDT services will also cover areas outside the health sector. Our project will put in place measures to guide the integration of health care and registered social services into one targeted service. An integral part of the project will be educational activities to destigmatize the issue and reflect on the most pressing areas of children's mental health viewed from the perspective of schools, teachers and parents, and the children themselves. For this part of the project, we will use the DIPEx methodology developed at Oxford University, which uses in-depth interviews. The originality of this solution lies in the involvement of the participants in the creation of a reliable online source of information.


Project number: EHP-CZ-IN-3-007
Total support: CZK 2 493 322
Implementation period: 8/2021-7/2023

The HeartDay project aims to prepare schools and teachers for inclusive measures, to remove barriers to inclusion in schools, and to contribute to strengthening the inclusion of disadvantaged groups in education with a focus on Roma minority children. The adaptation process includes seminars, workshops, and especially one-day informal meetings (HeartDays) with teachers, students, children with special educational needs, their parents, and experts. This will strengthen the competencies of teachers and their students on inclusive measures in the classroom.

Practical Innovations in social studies

Project number: EHP-CZ-ICP-4-031
Total support: CZK 2 795 989
Implementation period: 8/2022 – 1/2024

Main project objective:
By collaborating with a partner and other universities, we aim to develop the knowledge and practical skills of future social educators and workers, whose role is becoming increasingly important in the current context of inclusive education.

Means to achieve the objective:
a) Knowledge transfer will be primarily through the activities of a multidisciplinary team (MDT), consisting of social educators, university teachers, practitioners, a special educator, and a psychologist. This team will coordinate all activities aimed at the mutual sharing of information and its transfer to the Czech educational environment.
b) The extensive expertise of the team will allow us to analyse specific practical insights from foreign institutions and to look at their implementation from different angles, which may lead to the higher efficiency of the resulting solution.

Outputs of MDT activities:
a) Development of an innovative practical part of the curriculum of Social Pedagogy and Social Work at the candidate’s workplace.
b) Preparation of recommendations for the upgrade of the practical parts of the curricula of social pedagogy and social work courses at other universities not only in the Czech Republic (good practice methodology).

In addition to the above main objective, the project also aims to promote equality in education:
a) To contribute to strengthening the inclusion of disadvantaged groups in education through the activities of social educators and workers.
b) To strengthen the cooperation of educational institutions between the Czech Republic and Norway and thus contribute to the development of the study fields of Social Work and Social Pedagogy and their application in higher education in the Czech Republic.
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