MEYS Projects

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic is the central state administration body for pre-schools, school facilities, primary schools, secondary schools and universities, for science policy, research and development, including international cooperation in this field, and for scientific degrees, for state care for children, youth, physical education, sport, tourism and sports representation of the state.

The aim of support for R&D must be to develop cutting-edge capacities (both in the field of infrastructure and human resources, including an increase in the ability to make better use of the potential of qualified women), to deepen the knowledge potential possessed by entities in the Czech Republic, to focus on current and future societal challenges, and to be able to build a base for the future applicability of R&D results in practice that serves everyone without distinction. This is the only way for the Czech economy to compete with developed countries in the long term.

The overall aim is to create and develop an open education system that responds to the changing external environment and that provides relevant educational content in a lifelong perspective.

The goal of education in the next decade must be an individual equipped with basic knowledge and skills who can maximise his or her potential in a dynamically changing world for the benefit not only of his or her own development but for the development of society.




FAST Family and school together

Project type: OP VVV+OPVK
Project number: CZ.02.3.68/0.0/0.0/19_076/0016445
Total support: CZK 19 767 404
Implementation period: 1/2020-11/2023

The partnership between the family and the school is important for children's educational success.
The project aims to transfer an innovative approach (FAST program) from the United States and implement it in Czech schools. The FAST program, with its 30-year history, is a structured intervention program leading to a more efficient schoolwork system, improving family-school cooperation, and creating an optimal school climate..

School of Good Relations

Project type: OP VVV+OPVK
Project Number: CZ.02.3.61/0.0/0.0/19_077/0016810
Total support: CZK 15 387 417
Implementation period: 7/2020-12/2022

The project aims to develop an educational support system focused on the areas of a safe school climate and primary prevention of risky behaviour. The implementation of the activities will improve the competencies of teachers in Czech schools. They will gain a basic awareness of the possibilities of dealing with crises and, above all, knowledge of how to prevent such situations. The educational programs, including a video course and video recordings of good practice, will be put into an e-learning format and placed in the LMS system.

Social determinants of health in socially and medically disadvantaged and other populations

Project type: OP VVV+OPVK
Project number: CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0063
Total support: CZK 18 779 000
Implementation period: 9/2011-8/2014

The aim of the project was: 1) the creation of a new scientific team under the leadership of foreign experts, 2) the creation of supporting personnel and material and technical infrastructure for the team, increasing the professional capacity of the team, 3) involvement in international networks and projects and implementation of the organised exchange of information and experience between research institutions. Furthermore, the project focused on the formation of young researchers and the promotion of their scientific activities. The research objective of the project was to focus on the social determinants of health in socially and medically disadvantaged populations and on its psychological, social, and societal aspects.
The project was completed on 31 August 2014.

Preparation of Roma children and children from socially marginalised groups from the Olomouc region and its surroundings for education with the help of volunteering and with consideration of spiritual needs

Project type: OP VVV+OPVK
Project number: CZ.02.3.61/0.0/0.0/15_007/0000185
Total support: CZK 49 371 000
Implementation period: 9/2016-8/2019

The project aimed to involve marginalised groups (mainly Roma) in all levels of the education system: preschool education (with the help of informal centres), prevention of school failure in primary schools (with the help of informal clubs for leisure activities), and support for school success in secondary schools. The specificity of the project is the promotion of volunteering and the consideration of spirituality. The project brings innovative elements to a proven methodology. It enhances the structures already in place and builds on the involvement of church structures.
The project focuses on the problem of educational inequality concerning children and pupils from socio-culturally different backgrounds. A large number of those children grow up in an unstimulating environment and are not involved in preschool education. The Olomouc Region, where the project is implemented, does not have large socially excluded locations such as Chánov, Předlice, etc., but even here the problem of social exclusion and its impact on education occurs.

Inspiration in diversity

Project type: OP VVV+OPVK
Project number: CZ.02.3.62/0.0/0.0/16_037/0004831
Total support: CZK 20 488 497
Implementation period: 9/2017-12/2020

The project supports the joint education of children with special educational needs and intact children. Appropriate conditions will be created for the exchange of experiences and mutual learning between schools and their teachers. Activities will be implemented to help make an inclusion process more effective. Awareness of the rights and obligations of pupils and students with SEN in employment will be raised, including the possibility of practical applications. The formation of local groups of parents will be encouraged through parent forums to provide a space for participation and discussion.

Participation of the OUSHI research team in the INSPIRO project:
As part of the project, we are conducting case studies that focus on the experiences of children with specific learning needs (with a particular focus on ADHD) and their parents. The case studies are conducted using the Oxford DIPEx methodology. The aim is to produce case studies of a total of 25 children, 15 parents, and approximately 10 teachers or teaching assistants.

We are primarily interested in topics related to the impact of diagnosis on the school experience, such as:
- How do children with special needs feel in the school environment?
- How do these children manage to communicate and build relationships with their peers?
- How do the children themselves, but also their parents or teachers or teaching assistants perceive their diagnosis?
- How does the diagnosis affect their social interactions and relationships?

Based on these case studies, a website ( will be created to provide information to children, parents, teachers, and other professionals. The purpose of the website is to offer support and information to these target groups. The information will be accompanied by video and audio clips of interviews with project participants.