MUDr. Michal Kryl

About me

I am a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in private practice, and I am a graduate of daseinsanalytic training with doc. Růžička (VIAP-PPF, 2002) and numerous courses (psychotherapeutic work with the body), training lecturer and supervisor.

I started his practice in the Psychiatric Hospital Šternberk. After the second certification, I went to the Psychiatric Clinic of the University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine Olomouc, where I became the head of the open ward for anxiety and depressive disorders. I am also engaged in teaching and scientific research activities. After 13 years, I returned to the Sternberg Hospital where I and my colleagues re-established an open ward for treating neurotic disorders with a rich psychotherapeutic program. Four years later, I transformed, with a multidisciplinary team, the original medical rehabilitation ward into a 26-bed psychosomatic unit. Today it is the only integrative functioning unit in our country /within a psychiatric facility/ with a treatment program consistently based on bio-psycho-social.