Grantová agentura České republiky - Standardní projekt

Aim of the MOCHA project (Models of Child Health Appraised) is to compare and appraise current models of child primary care in European countries and to contribute to a development of new models or improving the existing ones. Primary care differs in European countries. In some it is based on two alternatives – pediatricians of primary care or family general practicioners. Models of school health and adolescents direct access services differ to. It is not known, which of the existing models are the best and which are ineffective in comparison with others. Thanks to MOCHA project, we will be able to to explore and evaluate them. It is the first complete analysis of various models of primary child healthcare in Europe.

In Olomouc University Social Health Institute, we are conducting a qualitative substudy of this project. Our task is to map experiences that patients and their parents people have with child primary health care. A Qualitative research will be using the DIPEx methodology, which was developed at Oxford University and which we are using in several researches at our institute. In the Czech Republic, individual interviews and focus groups will be conducted.

The DIPEx substudy under the MOCHA project is being also conducted in Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Great Britain. The MOCHA project will take 42 months. Described DIPEx substudy is going to take 18 months and it begun in September 2015.