Spirituality and Health in Adolescents and Adults in the Czech Republic


Grant Agency of the Czech Republic – Standard Project 

The project focuses on the particularly topical relationship of spirituality and health in adolescents and adults in the Czech Republic. It combines qualitative and quantitative research approaches. In its quantitative part, it examines the variables related to spirituality and health, and social determinants. 

The project consists of three parts:

  1. The data from the study Youth and Health (a HBSC study of 2014) that relates to health and spirituality will be analysed. The study participants are adolescents aged between 13 and 15 years (N = 2500 for each group). The methods used include the SWBS short form and HBSC symptom checklist.
  2. The SWBS short form, Facit-Sp, and SF 36 questionnaires on the health condition will be administered to a representative sample of adults (N = 600)
  3. Both the above quantitative studies will be complemented with qualitative interviews. We will carry out 30 in-depth semi-structured interviews in each group (adults and adolescents). These interviews will be analysed from the perspective of interpretative phenomenological analysis.