ROMSPIDO - Preparing Roma children and children from sociallymarginalized groups of the Olomouc region and around to training aid volunteering and taking intoaccount the spiritual needs .




The aim of the project is the involvement of marginalized groups (especially Roma) in all levels of educational: preschool education (through informal centers), the prevention of school failure at primary schools (through informal clubs for leisure activities) and support of school success in secondary schools. The project is unique in its focus on development of volunteering and emphasis on spirituality. The project brings innovation into the proven methodology. It develops already functioning structures and builds on the involvement of church structures.


The project focuses on the problem of inequality in education in relation to children and pupils from socially and culturally different environment. A large part of these children grow up in uninspiring environment and they are not involved in any form of preschool education. These children also tend to fail in elementary education when they either drop out of mainstream education and are consequently educated in the system of special schools, or end up in ethnically segregated schools, which provide a relatively low level of education. According to the analysis by GAC (GAC, 2009) a premature departure from the primary education is approximately thirteen times more likely for socially excluded children than the national average. These children also often fail and repeat grades. Success or failure in the system of primary education determines subsequent learning opportunities of students in apprenticeship or secondary education system. According to the experience of outreach social workers, students from this environment often drop out of high school even during the first year. Only a small portion of them finish high school. Further on, according to another study by GAC (GAC 2010), in the Czech Republic there are two hundred students entering grammar school out of every thousand children that start the elementary school. In case of Roma children there are only eight out of every thousand. Continuation of studies in the tertiary education system is also very rare. Low educational attainment negatively determines opportunities in the labour market. This generates a "vicious circle" in which children repeat educational and social path of their parents and this leads to intergenerational reproduction of poverty and social exclusion. Olomouc Region, where the project is located, does not host major socially excluded localities like Chánov, Předlice etc., but also here the problem of social exclusion and its impact in education occurs. According to a newly released analysis of socially excluded localities in the Czech Republic the Olomouc region belongs to the medium affected regions.