Life balancing and the meaning of spirituality in seniors 2

Student Grant Competition of the St. Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc

The research project is focused on the implementation of survey dealing with the experience of balancing of life among seniors. The project builds on an existing study related to active aging and backed by TA ČR and in 2014 completed project IGA "Life balance and the importance of spirituality in the elderly." . The ongoing interviews related to the study show that spiritual component is important factor in balancing of life among seniors. This research project IGA is therefore focused on this spiritual component - religious, as well as non-religious. The selection of participants will be targeted and focused on notable personalities of Czech intellectual community. In a broader context, it is about a deeper understanding of how people with higher education experience their balancing of life, how they cope with finding integrity. The research aims to create conditions for the placement of certain parts of the interviews on the web.The research is based on international project DIPEx Oxford, which is led by Health Experiences Research Group, University of Oxford, UK.  The project will provide the next stage of joining the DIPEx project. At least 10 qualitative interviews with seniors will be carried out, as well as following transcript and qualitative analysis according to DIPEx methodology. We expect at minimum two scientific outputs, submitted to impacted journal and one will be a monograph. Outcomes of the project will be also used as sources to support study for the students of doctoral study programme - Social and Spiritual Determinants of Health.