Good practise and new trends in community care and subsequent treatment with drug addicted clients


Visegrad fund

The goal of the project is to establish cooperation within the V4, especially in the area of thecommunity care and subsequent treatment of addicted clients. This particular project involves sharingexperience, good practise and discussing new trends among related professionals from the V4countries.

The project will be organised as a twodayexpert meeting, which will focus on community care andsubsequent treatment regarding the addicted clients. It is mainly intended for the employees in thefield of helping professions, such as psychologists, workers in therapeutic communities,psychotherapists and social workers.In the first phase, by using electronic communication individual countries will agree on a specificprogram and the general content of the meeting. This content will consist primaly of practicalworkshops and discussions of the most pressing topics which concerns the V4 countries. Topics asnew trends in the addiction treatment, how to deal with addicts with dual diagnosis, prisoncommunities, reducing dropoutsduring treatment, how to create a better “safety net” for clients,meaningfulness of some services and their financing. Through communication will individual statesalso agree on sending three experts each for the upcoming meeting.Meeting will be held in the Czech Republic by Palacky University in Olomouc, in cooperation withMagdalena o.p.s. . Palacky University guarantees the organizational and material part needed for theproject outputs and Magdalena o.p.s. guarantees professional and practical part of the project.The second phase of the project itself will be the meeting, which will also include tours to facilitiesdealing with the addicted clients.Workshops and discussions will be audiovisuallyrecorded.In the third phase of the project will be prepared audiovisual recordings from the meeting, and placedon the project website, where will be allowed to debate and discuss. Outputs will be processed into afinal report, which will reflect the current situation of the individual states.