DIPEx Methodology in the area of Active Ageing


Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

This project is a Czech validation and application of the DIPEx methodology of the Health Experiences Research Group at Oxford. The aim is to create a methodology and its application and validation performed in the Active Ageing module and its certification. The methodology will be developed on the basis of analysing the factors of active ageing through successful, internationally attested best practices and prepared to influence public opinion, beliefs, and attitudes in favour of an active lifestyle and health for seniors.

In connection with the implementation of the project, a Czech version of the excellent international DIPEx methodology will be created and applied to the Active Ageing Support Module and verified within this module. The aim of the Active Ageing Support Module is to provide insights into the subjective experience of seniors who are living actively: the methodology aims to capture the factors and variables that help seniors in an active, engaged, meaningful, and fulfilled life in their old age and that have the potential to become a shared generative resource for active coping with the problems which they encounter and inevitably face in connection with age. Thanks to the web platform developed in accordance with the strict DIPEx ethical rules, the information is available to other interested persons (family members, experts, and staff members of institutions that work with seniors, etc.). All these people may obtain information about the experience and feelings of seniors and their fears and joys. The project is thus applicable in several spheres – individual effects (seniors may share or be a witness of the personal experiences of other seniors), cohort effects (seniors’ activity will increase as a result of the functional sharing of life experiences, reduction of social exclusion, increased cohesion, and a better social network of seniors), institutional effects (institutions can actively use the information in preparing their own projects or measures) and expert effects (physicians, social workers, etc. can work with the information obtained from the statements of seniors, increase their professionalism, and work on their further education).